Bluefin Payment Systems is upgrading our online device management system for all clients using our PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) processing solution.

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What is it?

P2PE Manager is Bluefin’s new P2PE device management system, and will be replacing Bluefin’s POI Manager.

  • Device Check-In: You will check-in your new devices in the P2PE Manager.
  • Device Status Management: Activate and deactivate your devices in the P2PE Manager.
  • Annual P2PE PCI Compliance Device Attestation: P2PE Manager allows you to easily comply with all PCI P2PE chain of custody requirements, and automates a report that can be used for a PCI audit.

What do I have to do?

There will be no interruption to your processing while this transition occurs and this does not affect your login to any other systems. Just look out for a welcome email and when you receive it, take note of your username and update your password. In the future, when you need to check in or manage a device, you can log into this system.

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Common FAQ’s

Is there a cost?

This upgrade does not affect your pricing.

What are the benefits to the new system?

Bluefin’s patented new system has an updated design that is much more intuitive than the old system. The system features enhanced reporting and a documentation tab with a user guide, as well as instructional videos for download.

When will I receive the new login?

Expect the welcome email with login instructions in 1-4 weeks.

Will all data from the previous system be ported over?

Yes. All device chain of custody data, user information, and business information will be ported over to the new system automatically.

Does this affect any other logins?

No. This only affects your login to POI Manager, the system where you check in and manage your P2PE devices. Your login to PayConex or any other systems will NOT be affected in any way.

  • Customer Service: Ext. 2
  • Technical Support: Ext. 4
  • Risk Department: Ext. 5