The Most Secure, Integrated Payment and Data Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

Bluefin provides a suite of integrated products and solutions for ISV’s in every major vertical. Our PayConex™ Platform provides single-point integration into software systems for retail, mobile, call center, unattended and Ecommerce payment acceptance – backed by the security of our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) POS solutions and ShieldConex® data security platform for intake of online payment and PII/PHI data. ShieldConex is also available for direct integration into software systems without payment processing.


Bluefin’s PayConex Gateway

PayConex is Bluefin’s flagship payment platform, offering integrated processing and payment security with the option of both our PCI-validated P2PE and ShieldConex data security solutions. PayConex enables ISV’s to integrate our processing platform directly into their software, providing the convenience of secure integrated payments for merchants and an additional revenue stream for software vendors.


Bluefin’s ShieldConex Data Security Platform

ShieldConex secures the online entry of sensitive data, including payment information, utilizing our proprietary SAFE™ (Shielded Access Form Element) tokenization and iFrame solutions. ISV’s can provide ShieldConex through integration with our PayConex platform or direct integration to ShieldConex for those companies interested in securing only PII, PHI and financial information via their online web forms.

Bluefin’s ISV Partner Program


Our implementation team helps Bluefin partners seamlessly integrate our products into their platforms.


Each partner is assigned a dedicated partner Relationship Manager for support, reporting and analytics.


Bluefin’s dedicated inside sales team guides merchants through the signing, boarding and account activation process.


Our marketing team provides each partner custom landing pages, webinars, blogs, sales collateral and more.


Bluefin provides a technical support and customer service team for all ISV’s, software partners and their merchants.

API’s and SDK’s

Bluefin provides an extensive library of integration and help documents for our products via our Developer Portal.

  • Decryptx API
  • ShieldConex API
  • PayConex API
  • QuickSwipe API
  • Bluefin Gateway Test Card/Cases Elavon Test Card/Cases
  • First Data Test Cards/Triggers
  • First Data Rapid Connect Test Cards/Cases
  • EMV GoChip SDK
  • PHP Class File / SDK
  • Bluefin .NET 4.5 SDK
  • Hosted Payment Page

Sandbox for Developers

PayConex and QuickSwipe integration is backed by our skilled development team and technical resources to ensure minimum time to market for your integrated solution. Bluefin has an active Developer Program with multiple API programming interfaces, allowing businesses to easily integrate PayConex or QuickSwipe with their custom software application or current interface. Contact us to learn more about our payment processing software or request a Sandbox Account.

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