About Bluefin

An unwavering belief in better, since 2007.

About Bluefin

Our History

The recognized leader in payment and data security

Bluefin was founded on the core belief that a brand’s value is ultimately tied to its ability to deliver a secure, yet frictionless, customer experience. And while many security companies have focused on preventing access, we nurture the modern economy by tokenizing and encrypting data from point-to-point, so that it can flow without friction, and have no value to hackers.

Since our founding in 2007, our entire Bluefin leadership team has been hyper-focused on this core understanding. The result has been over 35,000 connected companies in 59 countries worldwide using Bluefin to protect their data and, ultimately, their brand reputation.

Bluefin is the recognized integrated payments leader in encryption and tokenization technologies that protect payments and sensitive data. Our product suite includes solutions for contactless, face-to-face, call center, mobile, E-commerce and unattended payments and data in the retail, healthcare, higher education, government and nonprofit industries. The company’s 300 global partners serve 35,000 connected enterprise and software clients operating in 59 countries. Bluefin is a Participating Organization (PO) of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) and is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Waterford, Ireland and Vienna, Austria.






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Management Team

John Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Huib Dekker

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Barnett

Chief Information Officer

Thomas Savage

Chief Sales Officer

Brent Johnson

Chief Information Security Officer

Donal McCarthy

Chief Technology Officer

David Calcano

SVP Finance and Control

Diane Scarborough

SVP Human Resources

Paul Nam

SVP General Counsel

Stephanie Myers

SVP, Vendor/Partner Management and Procurement

Brennan Peterson

SVP Operations

Peter Mauro

SVP Financial Operations

Product Advisory Board

Ruston Miles

Bluefin Founder / CEO, Payfactory

Stephen Orfei

Strategic Advisor, Bluefin and PAAY

Dickson Chu

CEO, Copper / Industry Board Member

Farshid Rostamian

Investor and Founder, TECS

What Our Customers Say

Actual customer quotes from independent third-party research.

Exceptional Reputation

Bluefin has been the leader at the front of payment security from the very beginning.

Many providers may say they’re all PCI-Compliant and do the same thing – they’re not. All security is not created equal.

The processors can’t tokenize on their own. They white label Bluefin in their products for that.

Bluefin encrypts the PAN data before it even enters my network – every time. I never see it and I don’t ever want to see it.

The big data security players struggle in payments due to their lack of dedicated focus.

Mission-Critical Software

Payment security is not something you risk on a new vendor.

This is not a space where 99.9% is good enough. And it takes years and a several million dollar investment to prove out effectiveness like Bluefin has.

We don’t want to touch credit card data – too much liability.

Bluefin was the only vendor that could serve omni-channel payments for multiple processors.

When a vendor handles chain of custody in the P2PE process, it fully releases responsibility from the merchant.

Strong Business Value

Ultimately drives time and cost savings to reach PCI compliance – it helps significantly limit the scope of our assessments each year.

Perception matters, and Bluefin is known to prevent brand-damaging events like data breaches, etc.

It’s something we market to our customers – that they’re secured.

Many merchants don’t even realize their interchange fees are better because Bluefin is operating in the background.