Higher Education Payment and Data Security

Protecting student and alumni data – and your reputation.

Bluefin’s payment and data processing solutions protect PII, PHI and payment data across campus, providing the most secure solution for higher education.

Secure Data

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Secure every endpoint on campus

Students and alumni are the lifeblood of colleges and universities – but one data breach can equal irreparable brand damage. Higher education breaches average a $3.9M overall cost, and $245 per compromised record. But with so many campus locations inputting data, it can be challenging to secure every endpoint.
Secure Campus Data

Leading Higher-Ed Data Protection

Bluefin is the leader in education data security

Bluefin specializes in payment and data security solutions to protect colleges and universities. Our flagship products include our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution for the protection of point-of-sale cardholder data and our ShieldConex® data security platform for the online protection of student and alumni PII, PHI and financial data. Combined, P2PE and ShieldConex provide the most secure and holistic solution for higher education payment and data security.

Key Benefits

A Holistic Solution for Education Data

Reduce Scope

Our P2PE technology is the “gold standard” of payment encryption and reduces your card-present scope down to just 33 annual questions.

Protect All Data

P2PE and ShieldConex protect all data in the complex higher education environment, including cardholder data, PII, PHI and ACH account data.

Greater Choice

Our solutions are available through Bluefin’s PayConex payment gateway and through our large network of higher education software partners.

Simplify Security Management

As your P2PE solution provider, Bluefin provides our online P2PE Manager for chain of custody, as well as the largest selection of devices and product offerings.

Formulating a Complete Payment and Data Security Approach in Higher Education

The rules, regulations and considerations around protecting PHI, PII and payment data and how encryption and tokenization work to provide an omnichannel security strategy.

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