Payment and Data Security Products & Tokenization Services

Bluefin provides retailers, healthcare organizations, higher education and enterprises a complete suite of security solution products to protect their point-of-sale and Ecommerce transactions. Our POS security solutions are available through Bluefin or through our global network of 200 connected payment gateways, processors and ISVs serving clients in 37 countries. Learn more about Bluefin’s payment and data security products and tokenization services below.

Bluefin Products


Decryptx® P2PE

PCI P2PE for software systems,
payment gateways, and processors


ShieldConex® Data Security Platform

Vaultless tokenization platform for the intake of online PII, PHI and payment data

P2PE Manager

P2PE Manager®

100% online P2PE device and attestation management system for vendors, partners and clients

PayConex Gateway

PayConex™ Payment Gateway

Contactless retail, mobile, call center, unattended and Ecommerce processing with P2PE


PayConex™ Plus

Mobile, unattended, retail, and MOTO international processing with multi-currency processing, multi-lingual support and P2PE


PayConex™ for Salesforce

Native Salesforce app for integrated card present and card not present processing with P2PE

PCI-Validated vs. Non-Validated P2PE: The Difference

QuickSwipe® Mobile P2PE

Complete mPOS solution with tokenization and P2PE

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