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Seamless Mobile Payments


Today’s consumers want fast, seamless payments – anytime and anywhere. QuickSwipe® enables any company to provide a secure mobile point-of-sale system to meet customer demand, with a simple set up and easy to use interface so that you can take care of your business while Bluefin takes care of your payments. And we provide the highest level of security with our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution, which encrypts cardholder data within a PCI P2PE approved point of entry device so it does not reach your system or network as clear-text cardholder data.

Quickswipe - Track

Track: Build a catalog of items and products, right within the QuickSwipe interface

Quickswipe - Manage

Manage: Connect directly to your customers and save on paper with our email receipt feature

Quickswipe - View

View: See all of your past transactions, customers and products sold in our simple reporting interface

Quickswipe - Report

Report: Manage your locations remotely with our web-based management console

Everything you need to run your business securely and efficiently.

Simple Payment Processing

Run your Business Securely and Efficiently

Highest level of security

Enhance your cybersecurity strategy and lower your PCI audit cost with our validated point-to-point encryption devices

Bring Your Own Device

Keep the look and feel of your business with a highly customizable interface

Fast Checkout

QuickSwipe works on any browser, eliminating the need to spend money on POS hardware

Stand-Alone Solution

Create a product on the fly for superfast checkout

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