Securing Mobile Payments with PCI-Validated P2PE

QuickSwipe® | Bluefin’s Mobile Point of Sale System

Bluefin’s mobile PCI-validated P2PE solution, QuickSwipe, encrypts cardholder data within a PCI P2PE approved point of entry device so it does not reach the merchant or enterprise system or network as clear-text cardholder data – where it could be accessible to a fraudster in the event of a data breach.

QuickSwipe interfaces with the BBPOS WisePad 2 PCI P2PE approved mobile device. Through QuickSwipe, companies can choose to use our Mobile P2PE solution with just an iOS phone or tablet or can choose our QuickSwipe mPOS solution, including tablet stand.

QuickSwipe mPOS: Securely Make a Sale Anytime, Anywhere

Turn your iOS device into a complete point of sale system with QuickSwipe. We give you everything you need to run your business securely and efficiently.

Set Up a Rich Catalog

Build an extensive catalog of items and products, right within the QuickSwipe interface, and add those items to your customer’s ticket.

Quickly Checkout Customers

Simply put together the customer’s ticket, process the payment, and have the customer sign on your tablet or phone with their finger.

Enhanced Reporting and Overview

See all of your past transactions, perform refunds, email receipts, and cancel recurring payments, all from the QuickSwipe web interface.

Conduct Cash Transactions

Support cash transactions for journaling and customer receipt; simply select the cash option when completing the transaction.

Automatically Email Receipts

Receipts include company name, transaction amount, and a GPS map for the location of where the goods were purchased – emailed automatically to both you and your customer.

Process All Payment Types

Swipe credit and debit cards using the encrypted Shuttle magstripe reader from ID Tech, or choose our ACH option to have payments deducted directly from your customer’s account, either one-time or on a recurring schedule.

Customize QuickSwipe to your Business

Brand Your Solution
Features Branding

Use our intuitive administrative interface to customize QuickSwipe to your company, with your company’s colors, information, and logo.

Easily Set Tips and Taxes
Features Settings

QuickSwipe allows you to set taxes for state, federal and county, and enter in tips, either as a dollar amount or a percentage of the bill.

Assign Administrators and Users
Features Users

Add new users quickly and manage their permissions, from editing catalog items, to applying discounts to transactions, to issuing refunds.

Learn more about QuickSwipe for your business

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