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Download thought leadership on data breach threats, payment security, data security and more.

Rise in Ransomware

The Rise in Ransomware | Preparing for a Potential Attack

Cause and effect, 2021 trends, key takeaways and implementing encryption and tokenization to prevent data compromise. [Download Here]

ShieldConex FAQ

Using Bluefin’s ShieldConex® for Data Protection: Foregenix Review

Foregenix independent review on Bluefin’s ShieldConex data security platform for the protection of PII, PHI and financial data. [Download Here]

Formulating a Complete Payment and Data Security Approach

Formulating a Complete Payment and Data Security Approach

The rules, regulations and considerations around protecting PII, PHI and payment data and how encryption and tokenization work to provide an omnichannel security strategy. [Download Here]

Petroleum Payment and Data Encryption

P2PE for Petroleum and C-Stores

An overview of the first PCI-validated P2PE solution for petroleum and C-stores provided by Bluefin and industry partners. [Download Here]

White Paper: Verizon - The Value of Point-to-Point Encryption in Point-of-Interaction

P2PE in POI Environments: Scope, Cost, Benefits and Implementation

The merits of a layered approach to data security and fraud prevention, com­bining technologies such as EMV, PCI-validated P2PE and tokenization. [Download Here]

Navigating the Crossover in PCI Compliance with Nacha Data Regulations

Overview of Nacha’s data security requirements for ACH originators and third parties, overview of PCI guidelines to ensure compliance, and encryption / tokenization to address data security. [Download Here]

PCI DSS Compliance, Scope Reduction, and Cost-benefit Analysis For PCI-Listed P2PE

Impact of PCI P2PE – Bluefin White Paper Authored by Coalfire Systems Inc.

PCI DSS compliance, scope reduction, and cost-benefit analysis for PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). [Download Here]