Bluefin And Coalfire White Paper

PCI DSS Compliance, Scope Reduction, and Cost-benefit Analysis For PCI-Listed P2PE

This P2PE white paper white paper details how P2PE aligns with the PCI DSS compliance framework in order to simplify merchant compliance effort and how the associated cost savings may be measured from this scope reduction. The white paper also discusses how a merchant or enterprise can model its own compliance costs in order to evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) for PCI-validated P2PE.

Topics Covered

  • Common Tools for Securing Transactions

  • Difference between PCI-Listed and Unlisted P2PE Solutions

  • The Benefits of PCI P2PE Validation for Merchants

  • Assessing TCO and ROI of PCI-Listed P2P

  • Bluefin P2PE

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