Integrated Payment Security Solutions

Bluefin safeguards sensitive data from attacks every time your business gets paid.

Your business and customers require seamless payment experiences that keep sensitive data secure. Bluefin helps you process, defend, and devalue sensitive information that’s exchanged, protecting you and your customers when data breaches happen.

Payment and Data Security

at the core

As the first North American company to market with a PCI-validated P2PE solution as a service, Bluefin has led the industry in encryption and tokenization defense for over a decade.

Untethered flexibility
and scale

Our technology can be implemented in almost any environment and is interoperable with any gateway or processor. This provides PCI-compliance without upfront changes or process disruption, ensuring business continuity.

Unparalleled payments and PCI compliance expertise

Partnering with Bluefin is more than a technology implementation. Customers value our thought leadership, customer service, and ongoing data security and privacy advisement.

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We take care of payment data security. You focus on growth.

Data Security

Defend All Sensitive Data with One Solution

Our integrated suite of PCI-validated P2PE, tokenization, 3DS, and Account Updater capabilities ensure your PCI, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and Protected Health Information (PHI) data is protected and rendered useless if compromised.

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Reduce PCI compliance scope, meet data privacy and Nacha regulations, and protect your brand with Bluefin.