Government Payment and Data Encryption

Critical infrastructure breaches are on the rise. Is your data secured?

Bluefin’s payment and data processing solutions protect payments and sensitive consumer data, offering the most holistic security approach for government and utilities.

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Secure every payment and data endpoint

Hackers are increasingly targeting critical infrastructure to demand ransomware payouts and disrupt operations. And utility and government organizations gather a significant amount of PII and payment data as part of everyday business – making it imperative that this data is secured in the event of a breach.
Government and Utility Data Encryption

Leading Infrastructure Data Protection

Bluefin is the leader in government / utility data security

Bluefin specializes in payment and data security solutions for the public sector, government, municipalities and utilities. Our flagship products include our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution for the protection of point-of-sale cardholder data and our ShieldConex® data security platform for the online protection of constituent PII and financial data. Combined, P2PE and ShieldConex provide the most secure and holistic solution for government and utility payment and data security.

Key Benefits

Protecting Public Sector Data

Reduce Scope

Our P2PE technology is the “gold standard” of payment encryption and reduces your card-present scope down to just 33 annual questions.

Protect All Data

P2PE and ShieldConex protect all data in complex government and utility environments, including online and POS payments and PII.

Greater Choice

Our solutions are available through Bluefin’s PayConex payment gateway and through our large network of partners specializing in government and utility software.

Simplify Security Management

As your P2PE solution provider, Bluefin provides our online P2PE Manager for chain of custody and the largest selection of devices and product offerings.

Formulating a Complete Payment and Data Security Approach

The rules, regulations and considerations around protecting PII and payment data and how encryption and tokenization work to provide an omnichannel security strategy.

With Bluefin’s integration into our existing customer web portal, utility administrators benefit from fully integrated payments, as well as allowing their customers to view their transaction and usage history, submit service orders, and utilize other self-service options.

Sean Harrington, Director of Payment Services
Continental Utility Solutions, Inc. (CUSI)

Integrated Government and Utility Partners