Increasing Cyberthreats to Government and Municipalities

Today, battles are more likely to be fought online than in the trenches. Government organizations, municipalities and utilities are cyber-attack targets because of the sensitive consumer data they gather. And thanks to smart technology and faster ways to pay, government organizations, municipal facilities, and utilities are now gathering more customer data than ever before, making their internal systems and networks a prime target.

PCI-Validated P2PE

PCI-validated P2PE is the gold standard in POS payment security. Cardholder data is immediately encrypted within a P2PE-approved device and encryption is done outside of your environment. The goal is to prevent clear-text cardholder data from being present in public sector and and utility systems or networks, which could otherwise be accessible in the event of a breach.


ShieldConex utilizes Bluefin’s proprietary SAFE™ (Shielded Access Form Element) tokenization and iFrame solutions to secure Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), and payment data entered online. The goal is to immediately encrypt / tokenize online data entered through a web form, so that if a breach does occur, this valuable data is masked.

Data Security Brief

ShieldConex® Data Privacy Platform: Addressing U.S. and Global Privacy Laws

Our brief details current and emerging data privacy laws and discusses how ShieldConex® protects PII, PHI and financial information

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