Meet the world’s only online chain of custody system for PCI-validated P2PE.

Leading Encryption

P2PE Manager®

PCI P2PE is the gold standard in card-present payment security, reducing PCI scope, securing your brand and protecting your cardholders. Whether you choose P2PE through Bluefin’s products or through our partner integrations, our solution is backed by our P2PE Manager®, a 100% online portal for chain of custody, device management and the PCI P2PE attestation. Simplify P2PE management with Bluefin.

P2PE Manager - Track

Track: Monitor the complete lifecycle of every payment device, from key injection, to shipping, to receipt

P2PE Manager - Manage

Manage: Assign users and custodians, while managing clients and locations

P2PE Manager - View

View: View transactional and device activity in real-time

P2PE Manager - Report

Report: Generate chain of custody reports, upload attestations and report on future attestations

More control over your P2PE program with less time and money.

P2PE Payment Management Systems

Seamless, accessible tracking and reporting

Quick Setup

Our P2PE merchants receive immediate access and login details for the P2PE Manager upon signing with Bluefin or with our P2PE partners

Educational Resources

The P2PE Manager includes P2PE Instructional Manuals (PIMs) for every payment device, as well as instructional videos on logging devices, managing users and more

Direct Support

Bluefin provides direct merchant support service for questions on the P2PE Manager, regardless of product type

Stand-Alone Solution

The P2PE Manager is also available to validated solution providers that want to leverage Bluefin’s online device management solution for their P2PE program

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