Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow is a digital platform that helps businesses automate workflows to enhance productivity. The ServiceNow integration enables businesses to utilize Bluefin’s P2PE Manager® natively from ServiceNow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a digital platform that helps businesses automate workflows to enhance productivity. It also facilitates pre-built package integration apps to allow businesses to interconnect with other platforms utilized within their organizations. Bluefin’s P2PE Manager app is now available on ServiceNow’s app store, providing businesses with the ability to manage device chain of custodies, complete attestations, track shipments, and more natively from ServiceNow. Learn more about ServiceNow.

What are the benefits of Bluefin’s P2PE Manager integration with ServiceNow?

  • One Point of Record for All of your Assets Company-Wide – Bluefin clients who use ServiceNow can get one point of record for all of their assets company-wide, including those that are part of their P2PE program. This avoids having to log into multiple systems to get information, while providing enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Easy Implementation – Companies can download the P2PE Manager app from the ServiceNow Store, install the application in their ServiceNow instance, and with just a couple of configuration items, the application on ServiceNow interfaces with Bluefin’s P2PE Manager.
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities – ServiceNow provides robust reporting capabilities, which provides partners with the ability to access a single report containing all of their client’s data. This includes attestations, chain of custodies, device record reports and more.
  • eBonded Locations – Create new eBonded locations in both ServiceNow and the Bluefin P2PE Manager or from existing ServiceNow locations to bond with new P2PE Manager locations.

What are some of the P2PE Manager tasks that can be performed through ServiceNow?

  • Access daily synchronized partner, client, location, device, attestation, and shipment records directly in ServiceNow to gain visibility and understanding of company data.
  • Receive and activate devices included in shipments.
  • Update device status to remotely put devices in-service, move them to storage, or RMA devices for repair.
  • Create mandatory, annual device attestations to maintain PCI compliance.
  • Gain insight into devices with upcoming or post due attestations.
  • Update device audit next date to allow for merchant-specific processes with more frequent attestation periods.
  • View device chain-of-custody history for any device as tracking evidence; state changes are recorded and journaled to provide a device’s lifecycle evidence for audit purposes.

How would a Bluefin customer already using ServiceNow connect P2PE Manager?

Customers who are already on ServiceNow can request to download the P2PE Manager app from the ServiceNow store. Once approved, they will simply need to install and successfully configure the app within their ServiceNow instance. Thereafter, they will be able to access Bluefin’s P2PE Manager natively from ServiceNow.

How would a customer on ServiceNow interested in using the P2PE Manager app sign up with Bluefin?

Bluefin offers our P2PE Manager as a tool for other P2PE solution providers or organizations seeking to simplify device management for their users. ServiceNow customers interested in utilizing P2PE Manager on ServiceNow can contact us to learn more about Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution.

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