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Nacha’s Account Validation Rule

Beginning on March 19th, 2022, Nacha will require that companies originating web debits (ACH account transactions) validate the first use of an account number, or changes to an account number. This can also be referred to as “first-time web debit.” The regulation is part of a broader Nacha initiative to help prevent fraudulent transactions and as such, any company accepting ACH transactions is subject to this requirement. We have partnered with MicroBilt, a preferred Nacha partner, to provide our clients with seamless account verification directly through PayConex™. This solution is in place for all of our clients and will begin validation on all first use / account changes for ACH transactions beginning March 19th. Read common FAQs on the Nacha website or if you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to .

P2PE End of Life Devices

Several PTS devices are slated for end of life (EOL). According to PCI’s P2PE Program rules, expired PTS devices can remain deployed for a period of 5 years beyond the expiration date. Inventoried devices that were purchased prior to the PTS expiry date can also be deployed for production use and remain in production for a period of 5 years beyond the PTS expiry date. Note that our partners and clients will not be allowed to purchase new devices that are beyond the PTS expiry date. If you have any questions, please contact


SaaSConex Update

Both Microsoft and Google released browser updates to their Edge and Chrome browsers respectively. Both released updates on February 3rd. Please see the attached document for a notification regrading their updates.


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