Decryptx® P2PE Platform

Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution through processors, payment gateways and ISVs

Bluefin’s Decryptx®P2PE Solution Provided by Global Partners

Bluefin is currently the only PCI P2PE provider that has decoupled P2PE from payment processing so that companies can easily benefit from our validated solution through their current payment provider. Bluefin’s Decryptx® solution enables retailers, healthcare organizations, higher education and enterprises to get our PCI-validated P2PE solution through our global network of 200 partners.

How Decryptx Works

Bluefin Decryptx flow
  • Consumer swipes, dips or taps card into P2PE-cerfitifed payment terminal
  • The terminal immediately encrypts the cardholder data
  • The transaction is sent through the merchant to the processor or payment gateway (partner platform)
  • Bluefin’s Decrypx partner sends the encrypted package to Bluefin’s HSM for decryption
  • Bluefin returns the cardholder data to the partner via SSL encryption
  • The partner sends the transaction for authorization

Sample Decryptx Partners

Companies can get Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution via our network of connected partners.


Decryptx Case Study

PCI P2PE for International

Decryptx Video

Decryptx Video

P2PE White Paper

P2PE in POI Environments: Scope, Cost, Benefits and Implementation

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