Drive PCI compliance across your entire organization and downstream partners

Secure PHI, PII and Cardholder Data


For any business processing payments and associated sensitive data including PII and PHI, ShieldConex is the vaultless PCI-compliant shared tokenization solution that protects customer payment data throughout the entire customer journey, delivering the benefits of PCI DSS scope reduction across all downstream channels and trusted third parties. Learn more about how ShieldConex works in our FAQs.

Compliance: tokenize PAN (primary account number) data and associated PII/PHI data so you maintain compliance for regulations governing the handling of sensitive data

Scope Reduction: PCI DSS scope reduction across all channels and trusted third parties

Risk mitigation: devalue sensitive data and reduce the security attack surface

Cloud-Based and easy to manage: web portal simplifies tokenization template creation plus detailed tokenization and detokenization metrics


Integrated security solutions, no matter where you are.

Complete Payment Data Security

Secure Payment and Associated Account Data

  • Generation of common credit card token for use across acceptance channels
  • Standardize the payment experience across businesses, locations and channels including mobile, online and in-store
  • Simplify handling and security across contact centers and customer support teams to keep operations out of scope from PCI DSS and track consumer purchases
  • Ensure data sovereignty and privacy by limiting accessibility only to authorized parties
  • Utilize card-on-file for new payments and recurring payments (supported by the Bluefin CardSync Account Updater)
  • Simplify refund process – tokenize card data and store with transaction details for seamless processing
  • 3D Secure for enhanced customer authorization and security online

Omni-channel tokenization

ShieldConex uses tokens to replace sensitive data in storage or on the go without changing how an organization’s system operates by supporting 3 key features – token idempotency, format-preserving tokens, and cross-organization sharing.

ShieldConex Omnichannel Tokenization

Using Bluefin’s ShieldConex® for Data Protection

Download Foregenix’s independent review on Bluefin’s ShieldConex data security platform for the protection of PII, PHI and financial data.

Bluefin Resources

Learn more about our features.

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