ShieldConex Management System

ShieldConex includes our 100% online portal for tokenization, detokenization, template creation and user management.

ShieldConex Management System

Flexible Tokenization Management

Tokenization Reports

Leverage user-friendly tools to create, customize and manage data templates to meet your business needs.

Manage users, access control, and security features from end-to-end and at every level of your hierarchy.

Structure your solution to reflect how you actually do business with our flexible partner/client hierarchy.

Gain insights with detailed metrics on the number and status of tokenizations and detokenizations.


Seamless tracking and reporting

Bluefin’s ShieldConex Manager provides tools that help you implement and manage both payment and data tokenization. Create powerful templates that make it easy to secure your front-end and simplify API implementation. Once your solution is in place, you can use the portal to manage users, access control and security features as well as access downloadable reports.

Tokenization Management System

ShieldConex FAQs

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What is Vaultless Tokenization?

Vaultless tokenization refers to tokenization which does not require a token mapping table and relies on an algorithm to transform data into tokens. Implementations deemed secure using this method rely on industry approved algorithms and modes of operation and, when outsourced, can be implemented such that compromise of the tokenized (encrypted) data renders zero value to the malicious actor. As with standard encryption, a malicious actor in possession of tokenized data without a secret key has no means to recover the clear-text data.

Vaultless tokenization provides the easiest way to secure an organization’s data: the general population of the organization’s systems never see the original data strings, and only a very few and limited amount of heavily controlled systems are allowed to transform tokens back to sensitive data.


What is Format Preserving Tokenization (FPT)?

Tokenization is the process of devaluing sensitive data by substituting sensitive data elements with randomly generated symbols that represent the original sensitive data. In format-preserving tokenization (FPT), the randomly generated symbols use the same alphabet as the original data. Bluefin leverages FPT to allow your tokenized data to exist within your legacy systems without requiring any refactoring.

How Does Detokenization Work?

Detokenization is the process of returning previously tokenized data back to its original value format. This can work a number of different ways depending on the tokenization solution provider that you use and if you are using a vaultless or vaulted solution. With ShieldConex, you can detokenize data by making an authenticated API call that includes the token(s) and unique ID provided in tokenization response messages

How Does ShieldConex Perform Omnichannel Tokenization?

ShieldConex has the ability to always create the same token for the same input value. For example, the same credit card number can always generate the same token. So, if the credit card number comes from a mobile phone, a website, or even a payment terminal, ShieldConex can always generate the same token from the same credit card number. This gives the business the ability to affiliate the tokenized card number with the customer – so whenever that token is used, the business can immediately identify the customer while never having access to the real credit card number. This feature, when combined with the partner token sharing feature in ShieldConex, can solve some complex business requirements for the business and their affiliates.

Can ShieldConex Secure Data Through a Mobile Application?

Yes, ShieldConex also protects data in a mobile environment. If the app is written in a native app framework, the app would need to call Bluefin’s ShieldConex API. If the app is written within a web app framework, it will be able to either leverage the ShieldConex API or leverage the ShieldConex iFrame, depending on your organization’s preference.

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