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Integrated Salesforce Payments

PayConex for Salesforce

We take integrated payments to another level with our PayConex™ for Salesforce app. Never leave Salesforce to process both Card Present (Retail) and Card Not Present (CNP) transactions. And get the only PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution native to the Salesforce App Exchange. P2PE provides the highest level of payment security for retail transactions by immediately encrypting payments in our PCI P2PE approved POI devices, and is included with our tokenization solution for CNP transactions.

Flexible: Provide back-office, mobile, traditional retail countertop, and 4G cellular deployment support

PayConex - Acceptance

Acceptance: Support contactless / NFC payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

PayConex - Security

Security: Get encryption, tokenization, and 3D Secure to secure transactions

Integrated: With support for Salesforce Lightning, post transaction and external custom data elements to any object or customized payment application or web-based payment forms

Product Options

Customized to your Salesforce integration

Bluefin Lightning Standard

Bluefin Lighting Standard is our managed package that supports the P2PE validated ID TECH SREDKey 2 payment device for card present and back office / call center payments. Using the Lightning component, organizations can customize intake forms and map external data to virtual terminal / check out pages. Cardholder data is keyed into the SREDKey 2, removing corporate network assets from PCI scope requirements.

Bluefin SaaSConex Advanced

A Lightning Component leveraging Bluefin’s SaasConex product, organizations can build a point-of-sale (POS) application in HTML and JavaScript using SaaSConex’s JavaScript SDK and Payment Terminal management service. Supported PAX devices include the A920, A80, A60, E500, IM30, S920, and Aries 6. This enables any company or integrator to add the highest level of P2PE protected EMV processing to their Salesforce solution.

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