Omnichannel, encrypted payment processing without friction? Yes.

Secure Payment Processing


Protect your transactions while allowing your customers to pay anytime, anywhere. PayConex™ offers omnichannel payment processing backed by the highest level of security, including PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for point-of-sale (POS) payments, ShieldConex® for encrypted tokenization of online PII, PHI, payment and ACH account data, and chargeback / fraud management.

PayConex - Omnichannel

Omnichannel: Provide contactless countertop, mobile, unattended, MOTO and Ecommerce payments

PayConex - Acceptance

Acceptance: Process credit card, ACH, Salesforce and Google/Apple/Samsung Pay transactions

PayConex - Security

Security: Get encryption, tokenization, 3D Secure and chargeback/fraud management to secure payments

PayConex - Devices

Devices: Choose from a wide range of PCI-validated P2PE devices from PAX and ID Tech for every business need

Peace of mind for you and your customers.

Product Options

Simple, Secure and Flexible

PayConex Gateway

Our core PayConex platform offers omnichannel processing for U.S. and Canadian merchants

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PayConex Plus

PayConex Plus provides secure payment processing for international transactions

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PayConex for Salesforce

PayConex for Salesforce provides omnichannel payment processing for companies utilizing the Salesforce platform

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PayConex Integrated

PayConex Integrated provides processing through our partner platforms, available to merchants utilizing these platforms and partners for integration

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