3D Secure Authentication (3DS)

For Ecommerce Merchants

Bluefin’s 3D Secure (3DS) solution authenticates cardholders for Ecommerce transactions at the point of interaction on the web. As a result, the chargeback liability is shifted off the merchant account, and onto the card issuer. Authenticated transactions are considered less risky and more likely to be authorized, with a 2% – 10% increase in approvals.

3D SECURE (3DS) Authentication

Bluefin’s 3DS sits on the merchant payment form and allows the acquiring bank (merchant’s bank) to verify with the issuing bank (cardholder’s bank) that a cardholder is, in fact, who they say they are. This is done before the transaction is sent through for processing via a security check utilizing risk-based authentication. 3DS is currently available for Elavon merchants through our embedded iFrame in PayConex™, a customizable API, and through ShieldConex®.

Key Benefits

Increase Authorization

Authorization rates drop from 98% for in person transactions to 84% for online purchases; however, Visa and MC report up to 10% increase in auth rates with EMV 3DS.

Chargeback Liability Shift

With 3DS, “friendly fraud” chargeback liability is shifted to the issuing bank – for example, a customer forgets to cancel their merchant subscription and disputes the charge.

100% Frictionless

3DS cannot be seen by your customers, does not interrupt the customer at checkout, and does not impact cart abandonment. No pop ups, no lag.

PSD2/SCA Compliance

3DS meets the European Union’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) mandate for multi-factor authentication (MFA) in online transactions. EU business units of U.S. companies must be PSD2 compliant.

Bluefin’s 3D Secure is simple, secure and seamless to implement. 3DS is available through PayConex with our Hosted Payment Forms, iFrames and API’s, and through ShieldConex. No additional integration or development is required, except configuring 3DS during implementation. Authentication happens within milliseconds as soon as the cardholder starts typing their information.

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