Bluefin and Accertify Solution

Anti-Fraud Scoring for E-commerce Merchants

Bluefin’s anti-fraud scoring solution offers E-commerce merchants the ability to proactively identify and manage digital threats. Our solution leverages state-of-the-art machine learning models and established rules to identify good customers, reduce manual reviews, analyze patterns and data, and highlight risky transactions.


Bluefin has partnered with Accertify, an American Express company, to enable merchants to perform real-time decisioning and device intelligence, backed by comprehensive reporting. Our solution is available through all processors that are certified with our PayConex™ payment gateway to allow merchants to score transactions based on rules. Transactions are screened within milliseconds using the best possible set of data and decision-making models.

Key Benefits

Real-time risk assessment

Identify data trends

Industry-specific rule set

Increase revenue

Whether you are using Bluefin’s API’s, iFrames or Hosted Payment Forms, the checkout process remains the same. Our team of experts will analyze your business needs and build a strategy that will help your company grow by driving down the total cost of fraud, simplifying business processes and increasing revenue.

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