Bluefin White Paper

The Strategic Importance of Payments Data Ownership

Payments have become a strategic lever for many software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and large merchants as they look to drive growth, enhance their customer experience, and generate operational and cost efficiencies.

While these organizations increasingly recognize the business value of payments, they often overlook the strategic importance of payments data ownership.

White Paper Overview:

  • More SaaS companies and merchants are approaching payments strategically

  • Payments technology roadmaps must not overlook data ownership

  • Multiple scenarios make payments data ownership critical:

    • Impact on SaaS companies’ valuation in M&A
    • PSP outage/downtime
    • De-banking of higher-risk merchants and SaaS platforms
    • Need for payment orchestration and multi-PSP relationships
    • PSP migration delays
  • The strategic role of PSP-agnostic tokenization

  • Reaching the ideal state

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