ShieldConex® Security Proxy Service

Minimize your PCI and PII footprint and avoid long-term payment processor lock in

Solving the complex payment and data security needs of any merchant

ShieldConex Proxy Service

Secure PHI, PII
and Cardholder Data

ShieldConex® Security Proxy Service

The ShieldConex Security Proxy Service delivers true payment processor independence while delivering significant PCI scope reduction for retail locations, card-not-present transactions, and corporate networks. This capability provides token and/or EMV/P2PE based processing services to any payment processor, and protects Personally Identifiable Information and Protected Health Information (PII/PHI) endpoints. For merchants looking for a universal solution, the endpoint-agnostic upgrade to ShieldConex unlocks enormous value by minimizing the PCI and PII footprint while avoiding long-term processor lock in.

True Processor Independence

True Processor Independence: works with all Payment Processors to avoid Processor lock-in

Reduce PCI scope

Reduce PCI scope: up to 90% PCI-DSS control reduction for retail locations, card-not-present transactions, and corporate networks

Works with any Bluefin P2PE device

Works with any Bluefin P2PE device: Bluefin handles the P2PE service and forwards payment to Processor

True omni-channel and multi-processor tokens

True omni-channel and multi-processor tokens: same tokens can be used to process data on any Processor


  • Realtime tokenization and de-tokenization of data to processor endpoint

  • Realtime P2PE decryption of PCI cardholder data to processor endpoint

  • Generation of format preserving tokens from EMV/P2PE transactions

  • Token sharing with partners and affiliates

  • Portability for merchants to switch between processors without re-keying terminals

The Solution for Processor Independence

Tokenization is a broad and complicated topic with many types of tokens and different token service providers. Over time, it’s common for business relationships and partnerships to change, and moving to a new tokenization service can cause disruptions. A solution that insulates merchants from tokenization changes and gives them the freedom to switch or add new payment partners at will, greatly simplifies the effort of doing business in today’s fast-paced environment.

David Mattei, Strategic Advisor, Fraud & AML practice – Datos Insights

True Payment Orchestration Flexibility

Secure Payment and Associated Account Data

  • Merchants can support multiple Processors from a single payment device at the same time – spread your business dynamically between Processors as needed.
  • Process any sensitive data: use with all payment processing, PII, or PHI data
  • Shareable: ShieldConex tokens can be shared with trusted partners and affiliates.
  • Secure iframe allows Bluefin to collect cardholder data from the Merchant website and return tokens to run payments with any Processor
  • Auto-tokenization of the PAN derived from EMV processing.

Don’t Lose the Key to Your Data Vault

Digital Transactions published an article that should catch the attention of anyone who manages payment and data security. In Don’t Lose the Key to Your Data Vault by Ruston Miles, founder of Bluefin Payment Systems, he emphasizes the importance of payment data ownership for ISVs and merchants in terms of security and company valuation.

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