Elo Pay M60

Elo Pay M60 Mobile POS System

The Elo M60 is a mPOS payment terminal powered by Android 10. The M60 is a validated PCI P2PE device and is approved for use with Bluefin’s Decryptx®, providing our merchants and partners with seamless payment encryption and decryption services as part of their overall solution.

Certified to the latest PCI PTS 6.X standards, the M60 delivers high payment security and protects transaction privacy. Equipped with a 6-inch LCD display, multiple connection options and a long-lasting battery life, the M60 provides a modern terminal option for on the go.

Elo Pay M60
Elo Pay M60

Hardware Features:

DecryptxConnectionUSB, Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular
P2PEYesCommunicationBluetooth, Wifi, Ceullar opt
EMVNASignature Capture Yes
PIN Debit YesKeypadYes

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