Ingenico AXIUM RX7000

Deliver value-added services in multilane retail stores

The AXIUM RX7000 is a robust device designed for advanced checkout services and intensive use. The device’s high performance and rich feature set offer customers a best-in-class experience. Being a PCI PTS 6.X certified the device is using the latest security standards. The RX7000 is approved for use with Bluefin’s Decryptx service.

Ingenico AXIUM RX7000
Ingenico AXIUM RX7000

Hardware Features:

DecryptxConnection2 SAM, Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE supported), IDMI port (enables USB Host and device, ethernet, RS232, power supply)
P2PEYesCommunicationEthernet, Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE supported), Dual-band Wi-Fi
EMVNASignature Capture Yes
PIN Debit YesKeypadYes

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