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P2PE in POI Environments: Scope, Cost, Benefits and Implementation

Hosted by Ruston Miles, Bluefin Chief Strategy Officer, with participation by Ciske van Oosten, Senior Manager Global Intelligence, Verizon Enterprise Solutions


Secure Cardholder Data

Reduce PCI Scope

Protect your Brand

This webinar on June 4th reviewed Bluefin’s new P2PE payment security white paper, authored by Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

The webinar detailed Bluefin and Verizon’s white paper on P2PE and payment security, and included statistics from Verizon’s Data Breach Industry Report (DBIR) pertaining specifically to breach trends in the point of sale (POS) environment.

The webinar discussed the POI/POS threat landscape and detailed how criminals obtain access to cardholder data (CHD), while explaining the evolution of P2PE, the differences between certified and non-certified encryption solutions, benefits of PCI-validated P2PE solutions in POI environments, including compliance management and scope reduction, and the roles of tokenization, EMV and P2PE in protecting data.


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White Paper

The Value of Point-to-Point Encryption in Point-of-Interaction Environments Whitepaper

Leave this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • Existing and emerging attack vectors targeting the POS
  • The role of PCI P2PE in devaluing CHD
  • The differences between certified and non-certified encryption solutions
  • The benefits received with a certified P2PE solution
  • The importance of a holistic payment security strategy that includes P2PE, EMV and tokenization
  • The cost differences in devaluing payment data with P2PE and defending the fort with non-encrypted solutions