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Cyberattacks are on the rise. Protect your Ecommerce payment and customer data with Bluefin.

The pandemic brought a shift in consumer payments that is here to say. Ecommerce in the U.S. rose to $469B in 2021, an increase from $431B in 2020. But with this rise has come the increased threat of fraud and cyberattacks as hackers target this growing channel. Bluefin provides a full payment and data security suite through our PayConex platform™ to secure your Ecommerce transactions and PII, protecting your brand and your customers.

Ecommerce payment and data protection

PayConex - Security

PCI-validated P2PE

PCI P2PE is the gold standard of encryption for MOTO payments entered through a P2PE device for Ecommerce processing.

PayConex - Security

3D Secure

3D Secure (3DS) works behind the scenes on your checkout form to authenticate cardholder transactions and shift chargeback liability.

PayConex - Security

ShieldConex® Tokenization

ShieldConex, available through PayConex and as a stand-alone solution, immediately tokenizes PHI, PII and payments entered through our iFrame or via an API connection with Bluefin.

PayConex - Security

Anti-fraud Scoring

Our anti-fraud scoring tool leverages state-of-the-art machine learning models and established rules to identify good customers and highlight risky transactions.

A Guide on How to Keep Your Business and Your Customers Safe from Fraudsters

Learn more about the most common types of fraud, available security tools and choosing the best solution.

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