Data Tokenization Platform

The vaultless shared payment tokenization solution

Our PCI-compliant solution delivers the benefits of PCI DSS scope reduction across all downstream channels and trusted third parties.

Secure PHI, PII and Cardholder Data


For any business processing payments and associated sensitive data including Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), ShieldConex is a vaultless PCI-compliant shared tokenization solution. It delivers the benefits of PCI DSS scope reduction across all downstream channels and trusted third parties and mitigates risk by devaluing sensitive data vulnerable to a data breach. Do business with confidence by securely sharing sensitive data across all channels and trusted third parties. Learn more about how ShieldConex works in our FAQs.

How It Works

ShieldConex includes an easy-to-use online portal that simplifies tokenization, detokenization, template creation, iFrame definition and user management. PAN (primary account number) data and associated PII/PHI data is tokenized so you maintain compliance for privacy and industry regulations governing the handling of sensitive data. It also delivers insights with detailed metrics on the number and status of tokenizations and detokenizations, with a partner/client hierarchy allowing you to assign permissions.

Sensitive Data Tokenization

Flexible: Select any data element that you want to protect, from social security numbers, to health information, to CHD or ACH Account Data

Omnichannel: Generate the same format-preserving token across card type and utilize one common token to identify where and how your customers are purchasing

Maintain Control: Maintain control of your E-commerce page without processing or transmitting sensitive data with our iFrame solution or API option

Cloud-Based: Quickly implement ShieldConex in 2-7 days with no costly on-premise installation or data storage requirements on your system


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