Securing Payment and Personal Data Globally

Bluefin Spring Security Webinar Series

The Role of PCI and Encryption in Protecting Payment Data

April 29th, 2 pm EST

Navigating U.S. Data Privacy Regulations

May 13th, 2 pm EST

Balancing GDPR Compliance with the Digital Consumer Experience

May 27th, 2 pm EST

About the Series

The rise of the digital economy means that more payment and personal data is being provided to merchants and enterprises than ever before – not only at the point of sale, but also online through checkout forms, healthcare portals, and bill payment. And cybercriminals have taken notice.

Today’s hackers don’t care about company size or industry. They target vulnerable systems to breach and steal unprotected payment and personal data. The fraudulent use of consumer information is both lucrative and endless, from unauthorized credit card purchases to identity theft to insurance scams. Every company accepting payment and personal data needs a holistic security strategy to thwart hackers – because it’s not a matter of whether your business will be attacked, but a matter of when.

Join us for our Spring Security Webinar Series where you will learn from our cybersecurity practitioners and thought leaders about the resources, technologies and strategies to protect your consumers’ personal and payment data, while also meeting global and U.S. data privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

Topics and Panelists

  • Rodney Farmer

    Rodney is a member of the PCI SSC Board of Advisors, working with industry professionals to develop payment security standards. He is also a board member of EPSM, a non-profit trade association of European Payment Service Providers for Merchants.

Rodney Farmer

Bluefin Product Advisory Board, EPSM Board Member, PCI SSC Board of Advisors
  • null

    As Global Chief Digital Responsibility and Public Policy Officer, Sheila leads the global data policy and digital responsibility strategies for Kinesso, ensuring that data and digital technology are used ethically and accountably across the enterprise and with IPG clients.

Sheila Colclasure

Global Chief Digital Responsibility and Public Policy Officer, Kinesso

Balancing GDPR Compliance with the Digital Consumer Experience May 27th, 2 pm EST

This session will provide an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and emerging global regulations, while also outlining strategies for balancing regulatory compliance with the digital consumer experience. Rodney and Sheila will discuss how companies are collecting consumer data, the types of data governed under GDPR, and the strategic, but ethical, use of data once collected. The session will also detail best practices and technologies for designing a secure, data governance framework for your company.

  • Ruston MIles

    Ruston brings 20 years of payment security experience to his role of Chief Strategy Officer, where he serves as Bluefin’s security thought leader and technology evangelist. Ruston founded Bluefin in 2002 and speaks at conferences and industry events on payment security throughout the year.

Ruston Miles

Bluefin Chief Strategy Officer, PCIP
  • Stephen Orfei

    Stephen is the former General Manager for PCI. As General Manager, Mr. Orfei led the Council in its mission to increase payment data security globally through development and delivery of standards, solutions and services for merchants, banks and other key stakeholders involved in the global payment card transaction process.

Stephen Orfei

Bluefin Strategic Advisor

The Role of PCI and Encryption in Protecting Payment Data April 29th, 2 pm EST

This session will review the 2019 data breach landscape and 2020 cyberattack vectors targeting payment data. Ruston and Stephen will discuss updates to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards and the role of point-to-point encryption (P2PE) in protecting payments. The session will review protection tips for work-from-home environments in the “new” normal, and the role that a “Devalue the Data” approach plays across enterprise endpoints.

  • John Bianchini

    As the VP of Global Product Development for Bluefin, John spearheads the company’s global product commercial strategy and platform development, leading a team of Commercial Product Managers, Sales Support Engineers and Integration specialists that are responsible for product lifecycle management, PCI PTS device designated change management, product road map, and revenue forecasting.

John Bianchini

Bluefin VP of Product
  • Charles Hoff, CEO and Co-Founder of PCI University

    Charles is the CEO of Data Security University (DSU). The mission of DSU is to demystify the regulatory and contractual obligations of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to comply with data security standards including NIST, PCI-DSS, GDPR & CCPA. DSU’s unique products deliver interactive education while assessing an organization’s security vulnerabilities and providing a tailored action plan for data protection.

Charles Hoff

CEO, Data Security University

Navigating U.S. Data Privacy Regulations

This session discussed the state of data security regulations in the U.S., including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and additional state cybersecurity regulations, both current and planned. Charles and John also reviewed the tools that companies can use to ensure compliance, as well as the roles that encryption and tokenization play in addressing data security requirements.

Our webinar series gives our attendees a unique chance to participate in live Q&A chats with our cybersecurity thought leaders. Jump in right after the session and extend the conversation.
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