Enable Bluefin’s PCI-Validated P2PE Solution Through Your Platform or Gateway

Bluefin remains the only company globally to provide a Decryption as a Service (DaaS) offering which enables non-validated processors, acquirers and gateways to integrate our PCI-validated P2PE solution into their platform or gateway. Decryptx ensures that our partners keep the merchant relationship – with no disintermediation from competing P2PE solutions – by offering the security and PCI scope reduction that only comes with a validated solution. Decryptx is covered by four patents with additional patents pending.

Merchants, retailers and enterprises recognize the value of a PCI-validated P2PE solution. By implementing Bluefin’s patented Decryptx platform, our partners can provide Bluefin’s solution direct to their clients. Decryptx is enabled through an API connection with Bluefin. There is no change to the merchant relationship or current transaction flow required. And the the Decryptx platform can be 100% white-labeled, seamlessly added to your current security and processing suite, or it can be co-branded with Bluefin.

U.S. Patent #9,461,973  |  U.S. Patent #9,355,374

U.S. Patent #9,531,712  |  U.S. Patent #9,531,684

How Decryptx Works

With Decryptx, the only part of the transaction that Bluefin requires is the P2PE payload, which contains the swiped, keyed or EMV card data encrypted within the PCI-validated device. Bluefin decrypts the cipher text within our secure HSM environment and sends the PAN and track data back over an encrypted connection. Decryptx can be enabled through processing and software platforms, or through payment gateways – see our P2PE Partners page for a list of our current Decryptx partners.

Decryptx is also available for direct connection to Tier 1 merchant environments. Contact us for more information regarding enabling Decryptx directly in the merchant environment.

Bluefin Partner Support

Each partner is assigned a dedicated partner manager that interacts with project management for Decryptx implementation, the marketing team for promotion, and the sales service team for rollout. Additionally, Bluefin handles all aspects of device management, chain of custody and customer support for our Decryptx partners’ clients.

  • P2PE Device Key Injection: P2PE device key injection is done by one of our two certified Key Injection Facilities (KIFs) and then shipped securely to the merchant.
  • P2PE Device Management: Bluefin is the only company to provide the P2PE Manager, a 100% online portal that allows merchants to manage users, deploy and terminate devices, track device shipping, view transactional history and download reports for PCI compliance.
  • Marketing Program: Bluefin supports Decryptx partners in all aspects of the integrated solution, providing a comprehensive marketing program that includes webinars, case studies, and educational material.
  • Customer Support: Bluefin provides customer and partner support, from interacting with our partners’ merchants directly during the ordering process and subsequently through our online P2PE Manager system, to providing each partner a dedicated relationship manager that serves as the front-line contact for the relationship.

As part of our solution package, Bluefin provides our enterprises and merchants a 100% online management system for device chain of custody, reporting and tracking. Our patented P2PE Manager allows our clients to manage users, deploy and terminate devices, track device shipping, view transactional history and download reports. The P2PE Manager simplifies chain of custody management and documentation, while expediting laborious tasks such as annual audits.