Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Below you will find a set of FAQs on the specifics of QuickSwipe.

What devices can be used with QuickSwipe?

Currently, QuickSwipe is supported by all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, & iPad) that are running iOS Version 6.0 and above.

How many users can be setup to use my QuickSwipe account?

The account administrator can create as many new users as needed. There are two types of accounts – Administrator (Admin) and Clerk. Permissions can be managed on an account by account basis.

Who should I make an Admin user and who should be a Clerk?

Admins can create and delete user accounts. They can also change system settings. Therefore, only trusted individuals should be setup as Admins. Both Admins and Clerks can process transactions.

What types of payments are supported in QuickSwipe?

QuickSwipe can support:
– Swiped and key entered credit card transactions
– eCheck/ACH transactions (requires separate approval)
– Cash transactions (primarily for sending a user a receipt)

What is the Catalog feature?

The Catalog enables a business to create items they want to sell ahead of time. Unique Categories can be created within the Catalog, adding the ability to easily organize products and services. The Catalog items are pushed (synced) to all users of the Account. This enables items to be managed centrally and updated in real-time to all devices. Bulk items can be imported and exported via CSV file from the web admin tool.

Does QuickSwipe support tipping?

Yes, tipping can be turned on/off by the Admin in the iOS and web interfaces. Tips can be pre-defined at 10%, 15%, and 20% on the tip screen, or can be custom added at the time of sale. There is also an option on the tip screen to select “no tip” during the checkout process.

Does QuickSwipe support taxes?

Yes, taxes can be configured by the Admin. You can define any type of tax. When creating an item in the catalog, you associate the tax with the item. This way, one can associate the same tax rate on all items or assess different (or no) tax rates on other items. You can turn off taxes as a global setting or turn them off on a transaction by transaction basis.

I don’t want everyone using the application to have the ability to issue refunds. Can this be supported?

Yes, refunds can be disabled globally in the application, if desired. Refunds can also be controlled on a user by user basis individually.

Can I require my users to enter the zip code when processing credit card transactions?

Yes, the Admin can manage a global setting to require that the zip code be entered with all credit card transactions. This requires entry before the transaction will process.

Can I change the default color of the application and upload my own logo?

Yes, the Admin can select the default base color. This setting will change the default color for all users associated with the account. The Admin can also upload the company logo and this branding will be pushed to all user accounts. This will replace the default logo on the main menu.

Can I add a note to a transaction?

Yes, you can add a note by selecting the “pencil” icon. A screen will appear and you can type in any message you wish. The mobile application also supports a photo note. You can take a picture with the smartphone and attach it to your transaction. The notes (text and photo) appear in your transaction history for but are not added to the receipt that is sent to the customer.

Does the application support receipts?

Yes, receipts can be emailed to the customer at the completion of the transaction. Receipts can also be sent at a later time from the transaction history.

Can I export transactions from the application?

Users with access permission can export any number of transactions (or Export All) as a CSV file from the transactions section of the web administration interface. This feature allows importing transactions into any third-party software or accounting system.

Am I able to create transactions from the website?

No, currently you are only able to create transactions from the QuickSwipe mobile application.