Bluefin Case Study

Government & Utility: Springbrook Software

Secure Payment Innovations for Local Government & Municipalities

In 2012, Springbrook, the leading provider of fully integrated, cloud-based ERP and payments software for small and medium-sized municipalities, partnered with payment security leader Bluefin to provide the convenience of integrated payment processing through their CivicPay™ utility billing solution. Recognizing the importance of payment security for their citizens, in 2016, Springbrook became one of the first software adopters of Bluefin’s PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution for in-person and call center payments.

Case Study Overview

  • The Bluefin and Springbrook Partnership

  • How Springbrook Created a 100% Cloud-based Solution for Government and Utilities

  • The Importance of Integrated, Omnichannel Payments for Constituents Backed by PCI-Validated P2PE

  • The Future of Payment Security and Innovation for Government and Utilities

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