Bluefin Case Study

Christensen Computer Company – Securing Payments For Member-Based Organizations

Christensen Computer Company (CCC) partners with Bluefin to deliver PCI-compliant payment solutions to improve performance and simplify the management of multi-branch relationships.

Many member-based organizations are founded to teach life training and skills, foster emotional growth and teamwork, and deliver lifelong benefits for their members.

As CCC has evolved, so has the payments industry. When EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) processing was introduced, the company realized they needed to upgrade payment security for their client base. At the same time, their clients needed PCI-compliant payment solutions that kept payment data outside of their software systems.

Case Study Overview

  • Why CCC needed to upgrade payment security for their client base

  • Advantages of PCI-compliant payment solutions that keeps payment data outside of software systems

  • How Bluefin service and support gave CCC an advantage

  • How features to manage multi-branch relationships improve performance metrics

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“We looked to Bluefin because of their reputation as payment data security leaders — they were the first to deliver a PCI-validated P2PE solution — and they shared their extensive industry expertise and advice. Plus their focus on service and support really resonated with us, because we pride ourselves on that as well.” – Marcus Christensen, CCC, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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