Bluefin Case Study

Meeting Patient Needs and Business Scalability with CharmHealth and Bluefin

An overview of Clinic 45’s implementation of the CharmEHR platform and Bluefin’s encrypted, integrated payment solution

In 2015, Bluefin partnered with CharmHealth to provide integrated payments backed by PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) through the company’s CharmHealth platform. At the onset of the pandemic, Clinic 45, a multi-location medical weight loss clinic based in Texas, implemented CharmHealth – providing Clinic 45 the flexibility, versatility and integrated payment processing and security they needed to meet patient needs while growing their business.

Case Study Overview

  • Introduction to Clinic 45

  • Clinic 45’s EHR selection process

  • Choosing CharmHeatlh and integrated payments

  • CharmHealth and Bluefin benefits

  • Clinic 45 and Charm – scaling into 2022

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