Bluefin Case Study

System Innovators Transforms Government Payment Processing with Bluefin’s Secure and Flexible Solutions

How to streamline secure and compliant payment processing for government clients.

System Innovators, a leading provider of enterprise revenue management solutions for governments, has been partnering with over 115 public sector clients across North America for more than 40 years. With their flagship solution, iNovah, System Innovators offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of tools to streamline payment processing, reporting, and reconciliation for government agencies.

This case study illustrates how System Innovators revolutionized the way they serve their clients with a comprehensive solution that solved their payment processing, security, and compliance challenges all at once.

Case Study Overview

  • The unique challenges of government payment processing

  • How System Innovators decreased client onboarding time by more than 80%

  • Creating a one-stop shop for all payment-related activities while reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems

  • The importance of integrating payment security through PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

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“We are looking to engage with Bluefin everywhere we can because of the support and engagement we have with them. Of course, their products are excellent, but it’s the people that make a big difference.” – Jeffrey Sumner, Executive Vice President at System Innovators

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