Automating your bookkeeping with Bluefin and Synder

PayConex™ and QuickBooks integration

December 8th, 1 pm EST

Business owners don’t want to be bookkeepers – and who can blame them?
Clients using Bluefin’s PayConex™ payment gateway can now quickly connect their payment processing account with their QuickBooks or Xero accounting system through our partnership with software leader Synder.

Join our webinar on December 8th to learn more about this time and cost-saving feature.


Webinar Topics

  • What’s the problem and the solution?

  • Overview of the Bluefin / QuickBooks integration

  • Features and benefits

  • How it works – demonstration

  • Pricing and Return on Investment (ROI)

  • How to get started

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How to automate PayConex™ data entry and reconciliation in QuickBooks

Check out an actual use case and the results using the Bluefin / QuickBooks integration.