Integrated Payment Processing and PCI-Validated P2PE for Your Software System

Integrated Payment ProcessingIt’s imperative that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers offer payment processing that is integrated within their platform. Integrated payment gateway software provides convenience to your clients by allowing them to process, reconcile and record payments directly in your interface.

But not all integrated payment systems are the same. Bluefin’s PayConex Platform provides single-point integration into software systems with every payment product and payment acceptance method on the market, making it the ideal solution for ISV and SaaS payment processing. We make payments simple and seamless – but our integrated payment system takes security to a new level with our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution, which encrypts cardholder data when it is swiped, dippped (EMV) or keyed, rendering this data useless in the merchant’s system or network.

Sandbox for Developers

PayConex and QuickSwipe integration is backed by our skilled development team and technical resources to ensure minimum time to market for your integrated solution. Bluefin has an active Developer Program with multiple API programming interfaces, allowing businesses to easily integrate PayConex or QuickSwipe with their custom software application or current interface. Contact us to learn more about our payment processing software or request a Sandbox Account.

Integration Documents

Available APIs and SDKs for integration into your software platform:

  • Bluefin Android SDK
  • Bluefin iOS SDK
  • PHP Class File / SDK
  • Bluefin .NET 4.5 SDK
  • Bluefin PayConex API Document
  • Bluefin CardConex API
  • Bluefin QuickSwipe API
  • Hosted Payment Page Documentation
  • Elavon Test Card and Cases
  • First Data Test Cards and Triggers
  • First Data Rapid Connect Test Card and Cases
  • Bluefin Gateway Test Card and Cases

Our PayConex Payment Platform enables debit, credit, ACH and e-Check transactions – either one-time or on a recurring basis – with the benefit of online web reporting and transaction view/reconciliation with our Virtual Terminal.

Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution is available for integration through our PayConex Payment Platform, QuickSwipe mPOS, and Decryptx solution, complementing our tokenization and transparent redirect products.

Bluefin’s integrated PayConex solution supports all point of sale transaction types, including retail, mobile, call center and kiosk/unattended, as well as Ecommerce processing.

We provide a full suite of developer SDKs and APIs to ensure seamless integration with your software platform, as well as sandbox environments supported by our integration specialists.

Cultivating Partner Relationships

Each ISV partner is assigned a dedicated partner manager and all sales, marketing, on-boarding and customer service is performed in-house by Bluefin specialists.

Merchant On-Boarding and Support

Bluefin provides a completely online service for merchant applications, as well as a direct sales team to walk your client through the activation process. We provide stellar customer service and POS-specific technical support during regular office hours, plus extensive knowledge and support on payment security and protecting your brand.

Partner Management

Bluefin has some of the brightest payment innovators in the industry, and our experienced staff is here to support your clients in every facet of the partner relationship. Each partner is assigned a dedicated manager that ensures client satisfaction, processing performance and revenue generation for your company.

Marketing Program

Bluefin wants our partners to concentrate on innovation and providing their integrated payment solution, so we do the heaving lifting in promotion, providing the resources to support your needs. We offer a full-service marketing program for ISV partners that includes sales collateral, videos, custom landing pages, webinars, sales campaign, trade show support and more.

Customer Service

Bluefin’s Customer Service Department provides all support services for your clients in-house through our Chicago location. Bluefin’s experienced and dedicated team of technology professionals place your clients’ needs first and foremost, answering any processing question or issue in a timely and efficient manner, allowing SMBs to focus on what is most important – running their business.