Data Tokenization Platform

Upgrade your PayConex software integration to utilize ShieldConex tokens

ShieldConex tokens never expire and also secure PII and PHI data

Upgrade your Bluefin integration to ShieldConex

  • Tokens that never expire and are shareable across different accounts
  • PCI DSS scope reduction across all channels and trusted third parties
  • Vaultless for low latency and a reduced security attack surface
  • Easy to manage through an online portal for tokenization, detokenization, template creation and user management, including insights with detailed metrics on the number and status of tokenizations and detokenizations.
  • Partner/client hierarchy that allows you to assign permissions to reflect how you do business

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Want to learn more?

See why a leading franchiser to the health and wellness industry implemented ShieldConex for the immediate tokenization of PII and payment information collected online. This plus PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for POS payments delivers a powerful and secure combination.

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