Protecting ACH Account Data

Verify first-time web debits to meet Nacha mandates, while securing ACH account data at rest.

Helping you meet Nacha regulations since day one. Bluefin is the leading provider of payment and data security solutions for 35,000 companies in 59 countries.

Nacha has introduced two key regulations that apply to all companies processing ACH transactions. Nacha’s WEB Debit Account Validation Rule now requires any company that processes ACH transactions to verify first-time WEB debits, as well as verify any changes to an existing ACH account. Additionally, Nacha’s Rule on Supplementing Data Security Requirements requires non-FI Originators, Third-Party Service Providers, and Third-Party Senders with more than 2 million ACH payments annually to protect consumers’ ACH deposit account information by rendering it unreadable when stored electronically. Bluefin specializes in ACH account data protection to help your organization meet all Nacha compliance rules.

Bluefin's ACH Account Verification Service

Bluefin partnered with MicroBilt, a preferred Nacha partner, to provide any organization with seamless account verification directly through our PayConex™ payment gateway.

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Rule compliance:

Comply with Nacha regulations and avoid costs associated with late returns or lost revenue due to incorrect ACH payment details.

Bluefin Products

SEC code support:

Our service will perform first-time validation on transactions marked with the WEB SEC code but also supports verification of additional SEC codes.

Bluefin Products

Simple setup:

Once Bluefin enables the PayConex account for ACH verification, clients simply select the SEC code they would like to verify on their hosted payment forms (HPF’s).

Bluefin Products

Seamless reporting:

The ACH verification message is included in PayConex transaction details, to allow insight on a single transaction, and in customer reporting for transparent reconciliation.

Tokenization Platform

Meet ACH Data Security Requirements with ShieldConex®

Bluefin’s ShieldConex data security platform provides vaultless tokenization of Personally Identifiable Data (PII), ACH Account Data, and payment data entered online. ShieldConex utilizes both format-preserving tokenization (FPT) and format-preserving encryption (FPE) to fit all business use cases, and users can choose to collect data online either through our iFrame or API. Our cloud-based solution protects any data element you choose, providing an ideal solution for ACH account protection.

ShieldConex and Tokenization FAQ

Learn more about tokenization and Bluefin’s ShieldConex data security platform on our FAQ page. Topics include how data is protected using tokenization, the difference between vaultless and vaulted tokenization, and how ShieldConex works in the omnichannel acceptance environment.

Nacha Data Security White Paper

This paper details Nacha’s ACH Data Security Requirements and how they apply to each organization in the ACH acceptance flow. It also reviews how ACH rules align with PCI requirements, as well as how encryption and tokenization can be used to meet the Requirements.

ACH Account Verification Webinar

View our webinar on demand to learn more about Nacha’s ACH WEB Debit Verification rule, how it applies to your organization, and how Bluefin helps you meet the requirement with our ACH Account Verification Service.

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