Protecting ACH Account Data

Tokenize and encrypt data at rest so your ACH transactions are always secure.

Helping you meet Nacha regulations since day one.
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A secure compliance solution to meet Nacha ACH account data regulations

Nacha’s Rule on Supplementing Data Security Requirements requires non-FI Originators, Third-Party Service Providers, and Third-Party Senders to protect consumers’ ACH deposit account information by rendering it unreadable when stored electronically. Bluefin is the preferred Nacha partner for ACH data security, and our ShieldConex® platform utilizes encryption and tokenization to immediately protect account data upon web intake and at rest – helping your organization comply with Nacha account requirements, while protecting your customer information and your brand.


  • Encrypt / Tokenize All ACH and Customer Data
  • Seamless to Customers
  • Flexible Product Options
  • Real-time Response for First Web Debit
  • Cloud-based Security Solution
  • Simple and Quick Implementation

Free & Useful Resources

ShieldConex® Streamlines Compliance by Encrypting and Tokenizing Data

Navigating Compliance with 2021 Nacha Data Regulations

This paper reviews the updated ACH supplement and how it will apply to your organization. It also addresses how ACH rules compare to PCI requirements, and how organizations can address the new rules and requirements utilizing tokenization.

Securing ACH Account Numbers with Encryption and Tokenization

View our webinar on demand to learn more about Nacha’s new data security requirements, what this means for your business, and the available solutions and methods that you can consider to protect Account Data, including encryption and tokenization.

The Importance of Protecting ACH Account Data

“Cybercriminals are attacking every point of entry, whether online or at the point-of-sale, while simultaneously hacking into systems and networks to find clear-text personal and financial data that they can then resell on the Dark Web. Consumer account information is one of the most lucrative pieces of data that needs to be protected upon entry and storage.”

Ruston Miles, Founder, Bluefin

“Regardless of when the requirement to meet the rule applies to you, now is the time to generate a realistic and manageable plan to protect ACH Account Numbers. Leveraging the right Tokenization and/or Encryption solutions to match your business needs, along with sound security knowledge is the best approach to buckle up your security, ensuring the longevity and success of your business.”

Daniel Fritsche, Founder, Alpine Security Consulting