Today’s Point of Sale is Omni-Channel

From brick and mortar acceptance, to call center transactions, to mobile and kiosk payments, Bluefin has a PCI-validated secure POS system to suit your needs. Our omni-channel POS solutions enable secure payment processing through our PayConex Platform or through our Decryptx partners as a stand-alone solution.
Retail POS Payment Solution

Retail POS

Bluefin provides a variety of PCI-validated P2PE retail devices from Ingenico, ID Tech and PAX, available through both PayConex and Decryptx, to secure your brick and mortar transactions.

Call Center POS Payment Solution

Call Center

Merchants and businesses can secure their call center transactions with the ID Tech SREDKey, a PCI-validated P2PE device that allows call center operators to simply key in the cardholder information on the device.

Mobile Payment Solution


Bluefin’s QuickSwipe mobile POS solution offers mobile payments backed by PCI-validated P2PE utilizing the Nomad 2.0; our mobile PCI-validated P2PE solution is also available through select Decryptx partners.

Kiosk Payment Solution

Kiosk/Unattended POS

Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE kiosk and unattended POS solution is powered by ID Tech’s PCI-validated P2PE secuRED device, available through PayConex and select Decryptx partners.

P2PE Devices Supported

Did you Know?

On April 1, 2015, Visa expanded its Technology Innovation Program (TIP) to merchants that adopt a PCI-validated P2PE solution in their retail environment.

“Qualifying solutions are those that are included on PCI SSC’s list of Validated Point-to-Point Encryption Solutions or independently validated by a PCI SSC Qualified Security Assessor point-to-point encryption company.”

Visa Secure Acceptance Incentive Program

In an attempt to encourage Level 3 and 4 merchants to comply with PCI requirements and product acquirers to mandate and monitor for compliance, Visa implemented the Safe Incentive Program in July 2014, which incents merchants to implement security controls, including PCI-validated P2PE solutions.

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