Securely Accept Contactless Payments with Bluefin and Copper

Quickly enable PCI-validated P2PE contactless payments on your existing point-of-sale (POS) system

The pandemic has dramatically changed customers’ dining habits and preferences. To survive, restaurant owners need to ensure their businesses are positioned to respond accordingly.

The costs associated with PPE, capacity limits for in-person dining, online ordering, and contactless payments are threatening the viability of many restaurants. To adapt easily and cost-effectively to this constantly changing environment, restaurant owners need a smart upgrade that will modernize their current POS system to handle contactless and EMV compliant payments – backed by the highest level of payment security with Bluefin’s PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution.

Ideal for use in full-service restaurants with an all-in-one POS solution, including NCR Aloha and Micros

PAX A920, PAX A920Pro
PAX A920, PAX A920Pro

Making it easy to accept contactless payments

The Copper Cord is a plug and play smart cable that installs in minutes and is compatible with most legacy POS systems. The Copper Cord parses item-level transaction data in transit from the POS to the printer and passes the data directly to the PCI-validated P2PE PAX A920 or PAX A60 handheld payment terminal to allow simple and secure contactless transactions.

Customers love the security and convenience of paying at the table, while servers enjoy faster table turns, happier customers, and bigger tips. Restaurant owners and managers appreciate being able to shift chargeback liability back to the credit card companies via EMV compliant payments, while protecting their customers’ transactions with the highest level of encryption.

Copper in action

Our story started when Roger, the restaurant’s server, notices that Jamie and Alex have finished their meal and are ready to check out. Roger will print the check and it will display on the A920 large-screen terminal. Roger then walks Jamie and Alex through a quick and seamless payment experience with the ability to split pay, tip, and use contactless payments, all while sitting at the table.

Jamie and Alex leave satisfied since they didn’t have to wait to settle their bill and split the transaction with as little contact as possible. Roger now has a few more minutes to clean the table between customers and the business owner, is now thrilled for the quick table turnaround.

1. Step One

Print the check

Server prints the check as usual.

2. Step Two

Send the data to the cloud

The transaction data is parsed and sent to the cloud.

3. Step Three

Server presents the check details on the printed receipt

The check total is displayed on the A920.

4. Step Four

Tap to Pay

Tap to pay

The customer taps a credit card, smartphone, or Apple watch to pay.

Payment Flow

COPPER Contactless Payment Flow

Key Benefits for Merchants

  • Offer contactless payments

  • Shift chargeback liability

  • Turn tables faster

  • Digitally archive receipts

Key Benefits for Cardholders

  • Conveniently pay at the table

  • Easily split checks and tip servers

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