Provide integrated, omnichannel payment processing with automated onboarding and next-day funding.

Bluefin’s integrated payments platform is trusted by software providers in healthcare, higher education, non-profit, government, utility and more.

SMB’s want an all-in-one software platform to manage their business, including payment processing. Bluefin’s PayConex™ platform provides integrated, omnichannel payments backed by the security of PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for point-of-sale (POS) payments, ShieldConex® for encrypted tokenization of online PII, PHI, payment and ACH account data, and chargeback / fraud management. PayConex also includes a SaaS payfac option for ISV’s that offers automated onboarding, split payments and next-day funding.

PayConex features

  • Card Present (US)/Card Not Present Payment Processing (US and CAD)
  • POS, Mobile, MOTO, Ecommerce and Salesforce Payments
  • Credit/Debit/ACH/Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay
  • Payfac as a Service for ISV’s
  • PCI P2PE, EMV and Tokenization
  • PCI, NACHA and HIPAA Compliant Phone Payments
  • Recurring Billing/Card on File
  • Universal Account Updater
  • QuickBooks/Xero Integration
  • Connections to Elavon, TSYS, Chase Paymentech, and First Data

Payfac for ISV partners

Bluefin’s partnership with Payfactory provide our partners additional options for merchant funding and onboarding. Payfactory’s dynamic funding enables Bluefin’s software partners to provide enhanced payout features to their sponsored merchants such as service fees, convenience fees, surcharging, platform fees and donor-covered fees. Payfactory also provides automated onboarding utilizing e-signatures, automated underwriting, automated Payconex setup and a webhook service.

Next Business Day Deposits for credit/debit & checkcard payments.

No monthly fees, no statement fees, no monthly gateway fees and no TIN fees for insurance payments.


Highest level of payment security with Bluefin, the industry’s leading PCI encryption provider.

Easy to use online merchant deposit reporting portal.

Fully integrated solution for card and ACH/eCheck payment acceptance.

No time-consuming annual PCI questionnaires or pesky monthly non-compliance fees for agencies processing under $2 million per year. See application for details.

Pricing: Popular 0% card & ACH processing fee plans available. Insured pays a small fee for the convenience, privacy and security of online payments. No monthly fees for Applied clients.

What you get with Bluefin


P2PE Manager - Track

Competitive revenue share program for every transaction made by your clients

Quickswipe - View

Full implementation team, at no cost to our partners

PayConex - Security

Inside sales and customer service team for signing your clients, onboarding and support

P2PE Manager - Manage

Dedicated relationship manager for your partnership

Quickswipe - Track

Marketing team for promotion and client education

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Payment gateway for direct integration into software platforms.
Development and sandbox access.
Q&A about the benefits of PCI-validated P2PE

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