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Chargeback dollar values more than doubled In North America, once COVID-19 lockdowns were in place, and the average dollar value of a chargeback grew by 124% for in-store pickup compared to the average dollar value before the movement restrictions. Bluefin and Accertify have partnered to provide Bluefin clients a comprehensive solution and service to streamline chargeback management and boost revenue recovery. The Bluefin / Accertify Chargeback Management platform empowers organizations with the productivity tools, platform flexibility and reporting necessary to dramatically simplify the chargeback representment process, increase reversals, and boost cash flow.

Increase revenue recovery

Increase revenue recovery

Reduce manual labor and cut costs

Reduce manual labor and cut costs

Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience

End-to-End Dispute Flow Process

End-to-End Dispute Flow Process

Bluefin’s Chargeback Management Options

When using our Chargeback Management platform, organizations can meet chargeback requirements for all major payment brands and processors, streamline processes, increase efficiencies and drive compelling results. Customers using our Chargeback Management platform have seen the total number of steps in the process cut by half, and increased chargeback win rates by as much as 60%. Bluefin’s clients can choose from three chargeback management options for their organization.

Basic Chargeback Management

  • No interaction with your acquirer/processor
  • Email requests to the end-user
  • Final response by end user via email
  • No platform or Enterprise reports access

Enterprise Chargeback Management

  • One-time setup fee
  • Merchant team working retrievals and chargebacks
  • Access to the Inteceptas Chargeback Management platform
  • Enterprise Reports access

Custom Chargeback Management

  • Merchant must have 5000+ CB/year to qualify
  • One-time setup fee
  • Additional fee for experienced professionals
  • Accertify team in India

With Bluefin’s Enterprise and Custom option, clients will have access to Accertify’s reporting infrastructure, which is designed to enable a user to execute a wide range of Enterprise Reports and Dashboards as well as accommodate the ability to securely extract data and leverage within an organization’s respective environment.


  • Comply with Requirements. Meets all card and processor requirements for receiving, managing and replying to chargebacks.

  • Intelligent Workflow. Integrated workflow improves operations by automating time-consuming routines and management processes.

  • Visibility with Reporting. Integrated reporting and data tools make it quick and easy to generate reports and track chargeback trends.

Integrated Processors

  • Fiserv/First Data
  • Elavon
  • FIS/WorldPay
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • TSYS
  • EVO

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