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Chargeback Management Platform

Chargeback dollar values more than doubled In North America, once COVID-19 lockdowns were in place, and the average dollar value of a chargeback grew by 124% for in-store pickup compared to the average dollar value before the movement restrictions. Our chargeback management platform gives merchants the productivity tools, platform flexibility and reporting necessary to dramatically simplify the chargeback representment process, increase reversals, and boost cash flow.


Bluefin and Accertify have partnered to provide a comprehensive solution and service to streamline chargeback management and revenue recovery. The solution can help ease the burden of the chargeback response process by consolidating of a merchant’s chargebacks from multiple acquirers or processors into a single platform. It allows merchants to prioritize workflows, provides centralized documentation and simplify the end-to-end dispute process through automation.

Key Benefits

Intelligent Workflow

Integrated workflow improves operations by automating time-consuming routines and management process. Can also produce client-specific workflows based on dollar values, dispute reason, etc.

Seamless Reporting

Integrated reporting and data tools make it quick and easy to generate reports and track chargeback trends. Look at the big picture when assessing chargeback team operations and success.

Working Disputes

Enables real-time process monitoring to optimize successful representations and improve win rates. It also reduces the need for incremental monitoring and subsequent training.

Meet Requirements

Meet all card and processor requirements for receiving, managing and replying to chargebacks. Streamline processes, increase efficiencies and drive compelling results.

Bluefin’s chargeback management platform is available through PayConex with integration to Fiserv/First Data, Elavon, TSYS, JP Morgan Chase, FIS/WorldPay, EVO and American Express. Reduce the resources required to manage and respond to chargebacks by up to 50% and improve win rates with chargeback management.

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