PayConex™ is Bluefin’s state of the art payment gateway offering all payment products for U.S. and Canadian processing. PayConex secure payment gateway services are backed by our ShieldConexTM suite of security solutions, including PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), tokenization, iFrame encryption and transparent redirect.

PayConex Payment Gateway Features

  • Point of Sale, Call Center, Mobile and Ecommerce Processing
  • Credit/Debit/ACH/E-check
  • Recurring and Subscription Payments
  • Web-based Virtual Terminal and Reporting Functions
  • P2PE Manager for PCI Compliance Attestation with PCI-validated P2PE
  • Integrated Products for Salesforce and Software Platforms

ShieldConexTM Suite of Security Solutions

Security features implemented with PayConex include PCI-validated P2PE for Point of Sale (POS), Call Center, and Mobile Payments, Transparent Redirect and iFrame Encryption for Ecommerce, and Tokenization for Card Present and Card Not Present Transactions.

PayConex is available as a turnkey stand-alone merchant solution or as a payment engine that can be easily integrated into the platforms of ISVs in a variety of industries.

Bluefin is the Leading Provider of Secure Payment Solutions

Bluefin is a Participating Organization (PO) of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) and we provide our merchants a full PCI Compliance Service Program. Becoming compliant with the PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) is mandatory for any organization that transmits, stores or processes credit card information. The goal of PCI compliance is to strengthen the security of your organization from the inside out and protect sensitive cardholder data. Learn more about PCI Compliance.

PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Payment Processing

Our PCI-validated P2PE integrated solution encrypts data within a PCI-approved P2PE device and decryption is done within our hardware environment to prevent clear-text cardholder data from reaching the enterprise or merchant’s system – where it could be accessible in the event of a data breach.

Companies that implement PCI-validated P2PE in their retail environment reduce their SAQ to 33 questions (from 329 in an SAQ D), leading to a reduction in savings and an increase in efficiency. Learn more about P2PE on our FAQs page.

Our PCI-validated P2PE solution is a seamless addition to payment processing through PayConex.

  • Choose from a wide variety of PCI-approved P2PE devices for your retail, mobile or call center operations
  • Upon swipe, dip or keying in of the credit card in the approved device, the card data is encrypted
  • The encrypted data is sent through the PayConex secure payment gateway and decrypted within Bluefin’s hardware environment
  • The transaction is sent to the issuer for authorization
  • The authorization is returned to the merchant
  • P2PE transactions can be easily viewed in our PayConex reporting interface

Additionally, Bluefin is the only PCI-validated P2PE provider to offer a 100%, patented online management system for P2PE devices. Our P2PE Manager allows you to track device shipments, deploy and store devices, manage device chain of custody and create PCI attestation reports, which will provide you the reduced PCI scope that comes with implementing a P2PE solution.

Relationship Management

With Bluefin, you get direct support from our sales and relationship teams. We pride ourselves on first-tier service, from processing your merchant account application, to helping you set up PayConex, to providing technical guidance on maximizing our payment features.